Watching The Symphony

I isolate myself sometimes

Just so I can watch the world go by

I disappear and don’t come back

Just so I can sit on that grassy hill and observe

They don’t know that when I go away

I’m almost always here

Just sitting by the lake

Writing and drawing as time seems to just stop

I would love their company

But I don’t think they could sit, watch and just listen

Sometimes strangers take the time to sit nearby

And we sit and watch quietly until they have to go

I can hear the bang bang of construction

The crickets making their funny little noise

And an almost constant whistle keeps drawing my attention

The engines of passing cars complete the symphony

The audience is given a view to rival any dream

A blue lake displays a mirror image of the trees and the hills on the land

The sky not darkened by any cloud

Trees lining the waters edge

Refuse to give up their red and yellow leaves

To the creeping winter that draws it’s cold claws closer

Some trees have given in

Stripped bare and sleeping until the spring is here

But the rest refuse to change

I’m sure if the other’s were here they wouldn’t notice these things

And that is why

I sometimes disappear

Without saying goodbye

Going to listen to the symphony continue.


One thought on “Watching The Symphony

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